01 December 2018

Top Five Free Feminine Blogger Templates

I already have another blog which is on Wordpress, but I decided on Blogger for this blog as it's just a little simpler and easier to use. Another positive of using Blogger is the amount of free Blogger templates there are, whereas on Wordpress you'd struggle to find a decent free Wordpress theme. I have been looking for the best free feminine Blogger templates and I decided I wanted to do a roundup of my favourite templates incase you've been wanting to revamp your blog.

I couldn't not include the one I chose as it's a really pretty theme, and very quick and easy to install. Themesart also offer some Wordpress themes too should you blog over on Wordpress. Whatsmore it's a fully responsive template which looks great on mobile devices.

2. Cenote Blogger Template

If you prefer a more minimal theme, this is a really good option and they even give you the ability to upgrade to the pro version should you want to. You can change the colours and layout really easily and it looks really sleek.

3. Buttercream Template

This is a really cute template with a 1 column, responsive design, footer columns and post thumbnails. It has a cake theme so it'd be good if you featured any recipes on your blog.

4. Subtile Stripes

If you love pink, you'll love the Subtile Stripes free blogger template as it's quite minimalist but feminine at the same time.

5. Lilac Stich

My last of my top five free feminine Blogger Templates is this pretty Lilac Stich template. It has a nice muted colour scheme and quite a plain design.